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Dear Songbird, dear Treefriend

Do you feel like singing and celebrating springbreak and experience the blooming nature through the sound of your own voice?

In the gently rolling hills of the Napf-Area we connect ourself with the awakening trees and plants with the help of our own personal song. Gazing over the surrounding valleys, we feel our unity with nature.

I'm thrilled to experience that celebration with you!

Part One: Singing with plants

In the first part of our journey, we turn inwards and encounter the trees from the deps of our soul. We open ourself to nature and feel our deep conection. So we discover a lot about ourselves and the plants.

Through our voices as our very own expression the plants will be able to communicate with us. We listen and let us be taken on a surprising walk by our own voices.

Part two: Grooves and Circles

Inspired by our experiences with the plants, we will bring our body and voice in harmony and let songs emerge from the moment.

Inside the circle, we all become part of rhythm and harmony. This frame will give us the opportunity to trust our intuition and create a song by joyous singing. Everytime new - every time suprising.



Oberbühl 5 in Huttwil, as well as the surroundings and forrests.


Saturday, March 23 10.15 - 13.00h Part one: Singing with plants
14.15 - 16.00h Part two: Grooves & Circles
participation in single parts is possible


Teilete (everybody brings a little somehting for the common buffet)


Collection. After the event, you decide on your own, what it is worth to you.


Please send a mail or SMS to:

076 468 18 96

Finaly here's an example showing the (still snowy) surroundings